STC Postpaid Quicknet bundles

Postpaid once-off subscriptions:

STC Postpaid Quicknet bundles . On top of your existing plan, you have the option to buy a one-time bundle so that you may enjoy even more internet.

*Offer valid for a limited period but not subject to Fair Usage

  • The price includes a VAT of 15%
  • Service Coverage for Selected Areas Within the Principal Cities Look It Over Now
PackagePrice5G DevicesContractPackage Card 
402.5 SRQuicknet Devices18 monthsPackage CardBuy Now
287.50 SRFree 5G MyFi device12 monthsPackage CardBuy Now
402.5 SRFree 4G MiFi device12 monthsPackage CardBuy Now  
287.50 SRFree 4G MiFi device12 monthsPackage CardBuy Now
207 SRFree 4G MiFi device12 monthsPackage CardBuy Now
Postpaid once-off subscriptions

*Price reflects a 15% VAT discount

  • The fair usage guideline for GCC roaming data is 5 gigabytes per day, with speeds of 512 kilobits per second once the daily maximum has been surpassed.

The unlimited plan does not account for reasonable consumption.

Internet Bundles:

The Saudi market is dominated by STC, which operates in the field of telecommunications. The Internet Packages offered by STC were developed with the intention of catering to the needs of a diverse group of internet users. These customers range from those who want to use the internet for only a few minutes at a time to those who demand a connection that is more consistent and dependable. This piece of writing will provide you with an overview of all of the different quickness prepaid internet packages that STC will be selling in the year 2022.

STC Expats have shown a significant amount of interest in the prepaid data packages provided by Quicknet. Quicknet has upgraded all of its prepaid plans so that they are now compatible with its new 5G network. Quicknet Vouchers, the STC website, the MySTC app, and SMS are the four various ways that a customer may subscribe to or renew a Quicknet data plan. The STC website is the only option that is currently available.

Postpaid one-time packages:

STC Postpaid Quicknet bundles, On top of your existing plan, you have the option to purchase a one-time bundle that will allow you to enjoy even more internet.

Data AllowancePriceValidityActivation
Unlimited/Infinite SR 1151 week Valid 2957 to 900 Send
Postpaid one-time packages

Coverage of 5G:


At this point, all haste The postpaid plans enable 5G and will eventually become 5G plans.

The fifth-generation (5G) wireless standard is the most recent advancement in wireless networking technology, allowing for better data transmission, reception, and download speeds via connected smart devices.

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