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Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, a beautiful European city with a lot to do. It’s also a really fun place. Seriously, everyone who visits Amsterdam seems to notice the beautiful vibe.

Lucky for you (and us!), we offer plenty of study abroad programs in Amsterdam. Jot down our program details throughout this piece. And reach out to us if you have any questions – we’re here!

What can I study in Amsterdam?
With CIEE, you will have the opportunity to explore practically any subject area. We offer many courses in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts, language and more.

While exploring this wonderful country, you will receive an enviable education alongside your peers and other international students. All of our programs are available in English, with some Dutch language courses also offered. You are in for an exciting academic journey when you choose a study abroad program in Amsterdam.

If you are interested in language, society, politics, and culture, look no further than the Social Sciences + Humanities program in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is one of the world’s most diverse cities with a rich history. What better place to delve deeper into the global social sciences and humanities than here?

Program duration: 18 weeks
Eligibility: 3.0 overall GPA
Cost: $22,950
Course highlight: Cross-Cultural Psychology
Site fun fact: Amsterdam has more canals than Venice and more bridges than Paris
CIEE Signature Excursion: Experience a world-class Dutch theatrical or dance show
Program No. 2: Summer Business + Communications
If you have a background in Business Studies or Communications, then our Business + Communications summer program is perfect for you. Visit the National Stock Exchange, explore contemporary Dutch television, cross-cultural communication and more. Plus, spending part of your summer in beautiful Amsterdam is unbeatable.

Program Duration: Four weeks
Eligibility: 2.5 overall GPA
Cost: $5,650
Course highlight: International Marketing
Fun fact: The Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of flowers
CIEE Signature Excursion: Row a canoe through the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest)
Program No. 3: Business + Culture
Amsterdam is an economic hub with a wide range of companies, from start-ups to giant corporations. This unique city is also environmentally conscious and is making great strides in sustainability. Studying business and culture here is a dream come true for those passionate about our increasingly globalized economy.

Program duration: 18 weeks
Eligibility: 3.0 overall GPA
Cost: $22,950
Course highlight: Political and economic development of the Netherlands and the European Union
Site fun fact: The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage
CIEE Signature Excursion: Discover Amsterdam’s canal belt on a private canal cruise or kayak
Program No. 4: Contemporary Summer Studies in the Netherlands
Known for its innovations in public health, equity, environmentally friendly practices, and more, the contemporary Amsterdam systems are unique and there is so much to learn!

With our contemporary summer studies in the Netherlands, you will have the opportunity to choose from three sessions and courses on the Dutch public health system, gender, race, sexuality, popular culture, and apartheid in the Netherlands.

Some other details about this amazing software:

Program Duration: Four weeks
Eligibility: 2.5 overall GPA
Cost: $5,650
Course highlight: Intercultural Communication and Leadership
Location fun fact: Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is one of the city’s most visited attractions, drawing hundreds of thousands (and sometimes millions) of visitors each year.
CIEE Signature Excursion: Take a trip to the eastern Scheldt storm barrier

Program No. 5: January in Amsterdam
Spend part of the winter in Amsterdam where you can choose from topics related to the Dutch public health system and many topics of Dutch culture.

Program Duration: Three weeks
Eligibility: 2.5 overall GPA
Cost: $3,950
Course highlight: gender, race, sexuality, and popular culture
Fun fact: The Netherlands has the highest number of cyclists per capita of any country in the world
CIEE Featured Trip: Catch a great show at the Royal Concertgebouw
Program #6: Comparative Public Health Systems Summer 1 + 2 (London + Amsterdam)
Study closely healthcare issues and the cross-cultural perspectives of the British and Dutch in this fun and multifaceted program that takes place in two European cities!

Program duration: eight weeks
Eligibility: 2.5 overall GPA
Cost: $8,750
Course highlight: Contemporary challenges in global health
Location fun fact: There are around 2,500 houseboats in Amsterdam
CIEE Signature Excursion: Enjoy an open-air movie on Amsterdam’s famous city beach
Program #7: Comparative Public Health Systems Summer II + III (London + Amsterdam)
Offered in the summer, you will have the opportunity to delve into the similarities and differences between the British and the British

Dutch public health systems and their modern-day challenges.

Program Length: Eight weeks
Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA
Cost: $8,750
Course Highlight: Public Health in the Netherlands
Location Fun Fact: Amsterdam and London are separated by the English Channel and are about an hour apart by plane and seven hours by boat
Featured CIEE Excursion: Visit the countryside and explore authentic fisherman towns

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