The mistake on the First English Test of the Kips NMDCAT Agreement

The mistake on the First English Test of the Kips NMDCAT Agreement. Mistakes on the Kips nmdcat agreement test for the English level 1 examination with answer keys. English agreement mistake exam series are available for download in pdf format from Kips MDCAT.

A Slip in the NMDCAT Agreement Signed by KipsTest 1:

Look at some sample Questions from the multiple-choice section of Kip’s English test on agreement mistakes

The nums mdcat English A+ series that were posted follow the latest syllabus. Make an effort to answer each multiple-choice question on the exam.

These assessments also come with the answer keys that should be used.

First of the Kips English Test:


Directions: Choose the right option to complete the following sentences.
Q.1 No remorse will
the killer because his crime is too heinous.
A) Resolve
B) Constrict
C) Absolve
D) Convict

Q.2 Although she had other suitors, she finally
to his pleas for his accomplishments.
A) Conceded
B) Preceded
C) Acceded
D) Receded

0.3 The road came to a/an
end; now they could neither move ahead nor go back.
A) Happy
B) Abrupt
C) Tragic
D) Desired

0.5 Junaid was
after his explanation proved that he could not have committed the crime.
A) Acquitted
B) Derided
C) Detained
D) Denounced

KIPS NMDCAT Test of Filling in the Blanks:

Download Kips nmdcat test 2 sentence completion with answer keys.

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