UAE Postpaid Freedom Plans Etisalat Non Contract

UAE Postpaid Freedom Plans Etisalat Non Contract. When you join up for one of Etisalat’s brand new and exciting Freedom Plans, you will not be required to sign any sort of binding agreement. In certain circles, these numbers are referred to as the Emirati Freedom 275, 450, 850, and 1600, respectively. Today, I’m going to go over all of the facts for these 4 packs, including their pricing, internet data, information on roaming minute fees, and a lot more besides. So let’s begin…

Postpaid Freedom Plans from Etisalat:

Whether they are new clients or existing customers, Etisalat users who are interested in switching from prepaid to postpaid service can make their selection from among these possibilities. In addition, if you go with one of the options that come with the Emirati Option, you have the freedom to choose your own present. Now, let’s have a look at these four different packs:

Plan 275:

For the price of AED 275, you have the opportunity to enjoy 100 UAE WiFi hours, 15 GB of local internet data, 1000 free local calls, bill breaks, a free Smiles buy one get one voucher, a free subscription to Switch TV, and a free buy one get one voucher (VAT excluded). In addition to all of these fantastic benefits, you will also be given priority shipping anywhere inside the United Arab Emirates. The best aspect is that you are not obligated to make a commitment for a full year. You may buy the plan by going to the website of Etisalat or visiting a facility of Etisalat that is close by.

Plan 450:

Each month, the Etisalat freedom plan will set you back AED 450. During the term of your contract, you will be entitled to 30 gigabytes of local data. An unlimited number of free local minutes, a free subscription to Switch TV. A free voucher for a buy-one-get-one-free item at Smiles, and various other discounts. It is an agreement that is not contractual in nature and comes to an end after. The specified amount of time has elapsed (30 days). You may purchase the Plan 450 either on the official Etisalat website or in an Etisalat store that is close by.

Plan 850:

The plan’s pricing, AED 850, includes 50GB of local data. Unlimited local and international minutes, 2GB of roaming data, and many more benefits. This Emirati plan 850 is available for purchase online or at the nearby Etisalat location. The bundle may also be ordered through the Etisalat UAE app. There is no need to sign a contract because it is a postpaid bundle without one. After a month, you have the option to renew it.

Plan 1600:

UAE Postpaid Freedom Plans Etisalat Non Contract, the Freedom Emirati monthly postpaid bundle, which has an additional cost associated with it. For the price of AED 1600 per month, you can get 150 GB of data and unlimited Flexi minutes. That can be used for both domestic and international calls (no-commitment). If you are interested in purchasing it, you can do it either online or in the Etisalat retail location. Closest to you. A free transfer to a TV subscription is one of the additional perks. Along with savings on your monthly bills and other advantages.

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