Ufone Internet Packages 2023

Ufone Internet Packages 2023. Ufone will start offering mobile internet bundles that are extremely competitively priced in 2023. The introduction of additional services has, without a shadow of a doubt, made Ufone’s patrons quite happy. There is a variety of internet package alternatives available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with the purpose of providing superior customer service to consumers. Customers have the ability to select from a number of different packages in order to locate the one that caters to their requirements the most effectively.

Internet plans from Ufone in 2023:

Ufone provides their customers with affordable internet package options, such as Ufone Prepaid daily, weekly, monthly, and 3-day internet package options, as well as social data internet package options. If you are interested in knowing more about all of Ufone’s internet packages, you can find information about the four Ufone Prepaid Daily 3G/4G or Internet bundles that are listed below.

Daily Internet packages from Ufone:

If you decide that you want to activate internet services on a daily basis, Ufone gives you a number of different options to pick from (which are mentioned below). They are always active, and you can make use of the inexpensive internet data available to you. In order to take advantage of these affordable packages, you won’t have to worry about emptying your savings account.

Daily LightRs. 13Plus 40 MB (1 GB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line)1 Day*2256#
Daily HeavyRs.1875 MB or more in size (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line)1 Day*2258#
Special Daily 01 AM- 09 PM (Ufone Night Internet Package)Rs.7At least 75 MB (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line)1 Day*3461#
Mega Internet BucketRs.172GB 12 AM – 12 PM1 Day*550#
Best Morning OfferRs. 6 (incl. tax)2GB (9AM – 12PM)1 DayDial *4200#
Daily Offpeak PlusRs. 12 (incl. tax)1500MB (6AM-6PM)1 DayDial *10#
Streaming OfferRs. 10 (incl. tax)500 MB for Youtube, Daily Motion1 DayDial *78#
Daily WhatsApp OfferRs. 1.20 (incl. tax)100 MBs for WhatsApp1 DayDial *987#
Daily ChatRs. 6 (incl. tax)500 MB for Whatsapp + 10,000 SMS1 DayDial *3465#

Three-Day Bucket Packages:

This is the Ufone 3G/4G plan for a period of three days. You can instantly subscribe to your number through the Ufone website, and by doing so, you will receive three days’ worth of internet access. You need to investigate how to activate it as well as how it will charge you once it has been activated.

3 Day BucketRs. 30100 MB (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line)3 Day*3350#

Weekly Internet packages from Ufone:

Ufone also offers internet service bundles that are valid for a week at a time. You can choose from the many different packages that are offered, and based on the requirements that you have, you can acquire any of the great deals that are offered. These are the 3G/4G bundles that are available from Ufone for the week. find the person that best fits your requirements as a candidate. You are able to directly subscribe to your number through the website of Ufone. The following is a list of all of the different weekly net packages that Ufone has available. The activation codes and associated fees are detailed in the following table.

Weekly Heavy InternetRs. 240 (Load)16GB (includes 8GB from 1am to 9am)7 DaysDial *270#
Super InternetRs.145 (load)1.5 GB7 DaysDial *220#
Weekly Internet PlusRs.199 (load)10GB (includes 5GB from 1am to 9am)7 DaysDial *260#
YouTube offerRs. 110 (load)5 GB YouTube7 DaysDial *5883#
Ufone TikTok offerRs. 55 (load)1.5 GBs for TikTok7 DaysDial *2345#
Weekly Internet Max OfferRs. 80 (Load)25 GB (1 AM till 9 AM )7 DaysDial *2570#

Monthly Internet packages from Ufone:

Consumers who are willing to activate internet packages on a monthly basis can choose from a variety of monthly internet bundles that are available on Ufone prepaid accounts. These bundles are made available to users at costs that are considered to be within an acceptable range. The following is a list of the monthly Ufone 3G/4G packages that are available. find the person that best fits your requirements as a candidate. You are able to directly subscribe to your number through the website of Ufone.

Monthly LightRs. 390 (load)1 GB + 2GB Social Data1 MonthDial *7807#
Monthly Heavy InternetRs. 699 (load)30GB (includes 15GB from 1am to 9am)1 MonthDial *310#
Social MonthlyRs. 60 (incl. tax)Social media data 1 GB1 MonthDial *5100#
Monthly WhatsApp OfferRs. 50 (load)Users of WhatsApp receive 6 GB of data1 MonthDial *987#
Super Internet PlusRs. 529 (load)18GB (includes 9GB from 1 am to 9 am)1 MonthDial *290#

Data Containers for Social Media:

In addition, Ufone offers its customers social data packages as an add-on service for their Ufone 4G subscriptions. You are free to select any one of them to fulfil your requirements. Ufone Internet Packages 2022, There are opportunities available on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis. You are able to directly subscribe to your number through the website of Ufone. You can acquire each one of them at prices that are within your means. The information is laid up in the table that is presented below.

Social DailyRs. 6100 MB01 Day*4422#
Daily ChatRs.6500 MB for Whatsapp + 10,000 SMS01 Day*3465#
Streaming OfferRs. 10500 megabytes (available on Daily Motion and YouTube)01 Hour*78#
Ufone TikTok OfferRs. 55 (load)1.5 GB Only Valid for TikTok07 Days*2345#
Social MonthlyRs.60Free Usage on Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp. (Fair Usage Policy of 1GB Applies)30 Days*5858#

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