Unsubscribe Code And Cricket Alerts Service 2023

Unsubscribe Code And Cricket Alerts Service 2023. Because there are so many people in Pakistan who are passionate about cricket, every single telecom network in the country has introduced a “Cricket Alerts” service for its customers. Cricket alerts packages are included with each and every Telecom Sim card. It might be very challenging at times to cancel your subscription to these cricket alerts packages. In this paper, which serves as a user manual, I have therefore documented all of the code for unsubscribing.

Jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor are the four telecom networks in Pakistan that are operational at this time. All of these Networks offer a service known as “Cricket Alerts” to the users of their respective services.

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Cricket Alerts Service, as well as the Unsubscribe Code ( Jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor):

If you wish to cancel your subscription to the “Cricket Alerts” service, please refer to the table that is located below and use the corresponding code.

Text the word UNSUB to 4466 to cancel your subscription to azz.

Sending the message “UNSUB” to 6660 is the Zong Deactivations Code.

Ufone Deactivations Code: Text UNSUB to 2582 to cancel your daily subscription.

Text UNSUB to 6635 to opt out of weekly updates.

Text the word “UNSUB” to 5120 to deactivate your Telenor account.

Deactivations Code For Jazz Cricket Alerts:

The following Method is for users of the Jazz network who have either prepaid or postpaid service.

Just write down “UNSUB.”
SEND it to the number 4466.
The services provided on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis will be terminated.

NOTE::Please be aware that there will be fees associated with the activation and deactivation of services by SMS.

Deactivations Code for Ufone Cricket Alerts :

Ufone offers two distinct varieties of its cricket alerts service: the first is daily, while the second is for a period of seven days.

Unsubscribe from the Ufone Daily cricket Alerts using this code:

Simply enter “unsubscribe” in the appropriate box.
Send it to 2582 and it will unsubscribe you from the Daily Cricket Alerts. The B Ufone Weekly Cricket Alerts Unsub code is:

Simply enter “unsubscribe” in the appropriate box.
Send it to 6635 and the Weekly Cricket Alerts will be removed from your subscription.

Deactivations Code for Zong Cricket Alerts :

Activating or deactivating the Cricket Alerts service will need you to use the same way.

Jus twrite down “UNSUB.”
This message must be sent to 6660 in order to disable the daily, weekly, and monthly services.

Deactivations Code forTelenor Cricket Alerts :

You can quickly unsubscribe from cricket Alerts on your network by following the steps in the following method.

Just wrote down “UNSUB.”
Done, you have successfully unsubscribed from the list.

In conclusion, all I can do is hope that cancelling your subscription to the cricket alerts service on any of the networks isn’t too tough today. Consequently, please see our website for further details.

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