Zain KSA Internet Packages Daily, weekly, and monthly Packages

Zain KSA Internet Packages Daily, weekly, and monthly Packages. Are you seeking an internet service provider in Saudi Arabia who is both reliable and offers prices that are affordable? There is no need to go any further than Zain’s internet packages. Zain offers a wide variety of internet package options that are suitable for a variety of users, from the casual user who only requires a few gigabytes to stream music and movies to the businessperson who requires more bandwidth for their online job.

These options are ideal for everyone from the casual user to the businessperson. Because their prices cannot be matched by competitors, you can be sure that you will receive first-rate assistance at an extremely reasonable cost. We are providing you with access to all internet package options for the Zain network on a single website so that you may evaluate each internet package in light of the other internet package options.

If you are looking for an affordable method to connect to the internet, you might think about purchasing a prepaid Internet package from Zain. You may start utilizing these packages right away in order to surf the internet because they are straightforward to operate and provide a variety of choices that are tailored to your specific requirements. In addition, the rate at which your data is transmitted will be enough. Zain offers download rates of up to 150 Mbps, which is far faster than the minimum necessary to meet today’s internet demand. In addition, you will be able to access the internet via many devices at the same time, giving you the flexibility to remain connected regardless of where you are.

Prepaid 5G Internet Packages from Zain KSA:

50MB2.3 SARSend D50 to 9591 Day
2GB57.5 SARSend D2000 to 9591 Month
5GB86.5 SARSend D5000 to 9591 Month
10GB109.25 SARSend 10GBM to 9591 Month
10GB189.75 SARSend 10GB to 9593 Month
20GB253 SARSend 20GB to 9593 Month
500MB13.8 SARSend D500 to 9591 Week
50GB304.75 SARSend 50GB to 9593 Month
100GB368 SARSend 100GB to 9593 Month
300GB517.5 SARSend 300GB to 9593 Month
100GB184 SARSend 100GBM to 9591 Month
150GB414 SARSend 150GB to 9593 Month
1GB34.5 SARSend D1000 to 9591 Month
Prepaid 5G Internet Packages from Zain KSA

Zain Offers Unlimited Data Plans:

Daily Unlimited Internet11 SARSend DUL to 959Send DDUL to 959
Daily Unlimited Calls & Internet15 SARSend AUL to 959Send DAUL to 959
Weekly 5G Unlimited Data85 SARSend 420 to 959Send 4202 to 959
Monthly 5G Unlimited Data349 SARSend 415 to 959Send 4152 to 959
3 Months 5G Unlimited Data999 SARSend 417 to 959Send 4172 to 959
Zain Offers Unlimited Data Plans

To sign up for any package Send the subscription code to the number 959.

Zain YouTube Bundles & Packages:

Daily YouTube9 SARSend 500 to 959Send CA500 to 959
Weekly YouTube39 SARSend 501 to 959Send CA501 to 959
Monthly YouTube99 SARSend 502 to 959Send CA502 to 959
Zain YouTube Bundles & Packages

YouTube offers uncountable bargains on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, all of which may be utilized with an unlimited number of video views. Send the message “502” to 959 to sign up for a monthly social package that costs 99 Saudi Riyals.

The price for the unlimited Zain Daily YouTube package is nine Saudi Riyals per month. Customers who purchase this package will, for the duration of one day, have access to YouTube without incurring any further fees. Simply text the number 500 to 959 in order to register for the daily unlimited YouTube package.

Zain’s pre-paid packages for social media:

Daily Social Package5 SARSend 310 to 959Send CA310 to 959
Weekly Social Package20 SARSend 311 to 959Send CA311 to 959
Weekly Plus Social Package35 SARSend 313 to 959Send CA313 to 959
Monthly Social Package60 SARSend 312 to 959Send CA312 to 959
Zain’s pre-paid packages for social media
  • Social Package: Take use of free services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.
  • Social Plus Package: Enjoy limitless free YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok use.

Internet Bundles from Zain Shabab:

5GB+5GB Social400 MinutesEntertainment Apps*67.85 SAR
20GB+30GB Social1500 MinutesEntertainment Apps*113.85 SAR
50GB+Unlimited Social3000 MinutesEntertainment Apps*171.35 SAR
95GB+Unlimited SocialUnlimited CallsEntertainment Apps*228.85 SAR
150GB+Unlimited SocialUnlimited CallsEntertainment Apps*
Unlimited Roaming (GCC)
343.85 SAR
Unlimited Data & SocialUnlimited CallsEntertainment Apps*
Unlimited Roaming (Worl Wide)
458.85 SAR
Internet Bundles from Zain Shabab
  • The GCC does not impose any roaming data limits
  • The term “social media” refers to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Customers who purchase this package can acquire the iPhone 13 on payment plans

Packages of prepaid Internet access from Zain Shabab:

100GBSAR 160Send 411 to 9591 Month
150GB+150GB SocialSAR 399Send 422 to 9593 Months
300GBSAR 450Send 414 to 9593 Months
75GB+75GB SocialSAR 199Send 410 to 9592 Months
100GB+100GB SocialSAR 299Send 421 to 9593 Months
30GB+30GB SocialSAR 175Send 409 to 9593 Months
25GB+25GBSAR 99Send 408 to 9591 Month
8GBSAR 75Send 407 to 9591 Month
4GBSAR 50Send 406 to 9591 Month
2GBSAR 30Send 405 to 9591 Month
1GBSAR 15Send 404 to 9591 Week
250MBSAR 5Send 402 to 9591 Day
Packages of prepaid Internet access from Zain Shabab

Prepaid Internet and Social Packages from Shabab:

5GB+5GB Social400 Minutes59 SARSend S59 to 959
20GB+30GB Social1500 Minutes99 SARSend S99 to 959
50GB+Unlimited Social3000 Minutes149 SARSend S149 to 959
80GB+Unlimited SocialUnlimited Minutes179 SARSend S179 to 959
95GB+Unlimited SocialUnlimited Minutes199 SARSend S199 to 959
Prepaid Internet and Social Packages from Shabab
  • To terminate Auro Renewal, use code CA199
  • To disable a package, enter the code CS199

Internet Packages Zain Flex:

2GB Social+1Gb30 Minutes19 SARSend 100 to 9591 Week
1GB Social+1GB50 Minutes29 SARSend 101 to 9594 Weeks
Unlimited Social+20GB250 Minutes99 SARSend 99 to 9594 Weeks
Unlimited Social+100GB800 Minutes319 SARSend 319 to 9593 Months
Internet Packages Zain Flex

Zain KSA Internet Packages Daily, weekly, and monthly Packages. Customers may activate limitless social media, 100 gigabytes of internet, and 800 flexible minutes for a period of three months for the price of 319 Saudia Riyals. Activation codes were supplied as part of the specifications of the prepaid internet packages offered by both Shabab and Zain.

Internet Visitor Package for Zain:

Guests who are in Saudi Arabia for a visit, to do one or both of the religious pilgrimages of Umrah and Hajj, or both, are eligible to activate the Zain visitor package. Zen provides its customers with a choice of service packages, and anybody who has access to the internet can make use of these packages.

1GB Social+3GB50 Minutes34.5 SARSend 3030 to 9592 Weeks
15GB57.5 SARSend 5050 to 9592 Weeks
5GB Social+10GB150 Minutes80.5 SARSend 7070 to 9594 Weeks
Unlimited Social+25GB250 Minutes149.5 SARSend 1300 to 9594 Weeks
Internet Visitor Package for Zain

The social category includes Facebook as well as WhatsApp and Snapchat

Postpaid 5G Internet Packages from Zain:

Customers who have SIM cards for Zain postpaid may explore the various packages and discounts that are available for Zain postpaid internet access here. They are able to activate any monthly, daily, weekly, or three-month internet subscription provided that they have the appropriate activation codes. Zain is known for providing its customers with valuable bundles that are priced affordably and are within reach of everyone in Saudi Arabia.

Shabab 595GB5GB400 Minutes67.85 SAR
Shabab 9920GB30GB1500 Minutes113.85 SAR
Shabab 14950GBUnlimited3000 Minutes171.35 SAR
Shabab 19995GBUnlimitedUnlimited228.85 SAR
Shabab 299150GBUnlimitedUnlimited343.85 SAR
Shabab 399UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited458.85 SAR
Black 1175GBUnlimited287.5 SAR
Black 2UnlimitedUnlimited414 SAR
Black 3UnlimitedUnlimited632.5 SAR
Postpaid 5G Internet Packages from Zain

The prices are shown here unless otherwise noted, already account for a 15% value-added tax. Customers with postpaid accounts can activate these bundles by sending a black SMS to 959 or calling the number 959. Black postpaid users, with the exception of those who purchase the Black 1 bundle, will receive an unlimited number of calling minutes for use on local networks as well as an unlimited data plan.

Because all of the internet plans and offers are continually being updated here, you shouldn’t be afraid to check back in the future for any new options that may have been added. If you have recently begun using a Zain SIM in Saudi Arabia, you should make a bookmark for this page on your browser.

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