Zain Saudi Arabia Visitor Packages 2023

Zain Saudi Arabia Visitor Packages 2023. Zain has just included new features to their revised versions of their guest packages. Because of this, everyone who visits Saudi Arabia and uses the Zain network must be able to make and receive calls, consume minutes, access social media, and access regular data. Today, I will provide a demonstration of the new packages that include updated add-ons, activation codes, and detailed information since there are now plans available that have appropriate resources. Let’s take a short look at the brand-new Zain guest package that’s available for tourists and users.

Visitor Zain’s KSA plans:

There is a total of four different options for you to choose from that are accessible here. 30, 50, 70, and 130 The Guest in Question Visitor number 50 does not have any free Flex minutes to provide, in contrast to the other guests who have plenty of resources for you to use. The comprehensive version of Zain’s tourist plans for the Kingdom may be found anyplace in this location.

Zain Visitor Package 30:

For only SAR 34.5, you may receive 50 Flex minutes and 1 GB of data that can be used on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat for a period of 14 days. In addition to that, you will have access to 3 GB of standard data. In order to register for the service, you will need to text the number 959 with the activation code “3030” for the Zain guest 30 packages.

Visitor 50 Package Zain:

If all you need is data, the Visitor 50 plan with 15 GB of internet access for two weeks is the best option for you. The visitor 50 package comes in at a total cost of SAR 57.5. On the other hand, in order to activate the visitor 50 package, you will need to send the activation code “5050” to 959 using your Zain line.

Package Zain Visitor 70:

if you plan to remain more than two weeks in Saudi Arabia and want to maintain your connection to the outside world. Then choose the Visitor 70 plan to obtain 10 GB of regular data, 150 Flex minutes, and 5 GB of data for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat for the low price of SAR 80.5 spread out over a period of four weeks. In order to subscribe to the Visitor 70 package, send the subscription code “7070” to 959 from your mobile device.

Visitor Package 130 for Zain:

Zain Saudi Arabia Visitor Packages 2023, Do you require additional data, flexible minutes, or social media? After then, go ahead and select the Visitor 130 package. You will get access to 25 GB of internet space in addition to limitless social data on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat for the period of four weeks. Simply sending the activation code “1300” to 959 in the form of a text message makes it easy to sign up for the plan.

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